In the village along the Lamented Fens there is a tale about the “Lady of the Fens”. A woman who is said to wander the fens wailing when the mists come rolling through. As the tale goes, she was once a proud lady in the area until tragedy struck. The fair lady was betrothed to a handsome and loving man. One day a man came along and made some rather slanderous claims against the lady. Her beloved fought with the man for her honor and before anyone knew what happened the rogue pulled out his weapon and shot the love of her life. It is said that after his funeral she ran off into the night and lost her life to fens. Now her spirit wanders the fens taking out her revenge on any man she sees as a threat to a woman's happiness. Now whenever a woman from the village feels wronged by a man she leaves an offering asking for the “Lady of the Fens” to avenge her.

Lady Of The Fens 2

While I was wandering the Fens I came across her. She didn't seem too imposing from afar at the very least she wasn't what I was expecting. There was no ethereal glow about her, no black mists or anything like that. Not even the animals fled so I dared to get a little closer to get another photo.


I think I was a little hasty in my initial assessment of her. Her blank and staring eyes seemed to burn straight into my heart, almost like she was looking for mistreatment there. Since there was no one I wanted or needed her to wreak revenge on I turned and fled from the fens as fast as my legs to take me!



Dress and Head Piece: AtaMe - Guinevere Peach (@ Fantasy Faire)

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Yeri

Head: LAQ Bento - Ivy

Head Applier: ND/MD Boo Eye+ LIGHT-NO brows-young SKIN (@ Fantasy Faire)

Eyebrows: alaskametro<3 "#onfleek" eyebrows - Brunette

Dirt: Izzie's - Dirt light

Eyes: *TSM* Worn Blind Eyes - Void (@ Fantasy Faire)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Poses: Astalianda - Zodiac Earth Signs Pose Set (@ Fantasy Faire)


Photos taken on the Lamented Fens region of the Fantasy Faire

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