My dearest reader yesterday I spent some time in the fairelands checking out all the happenings I could. I started the day in the Spirit Valley of Kuruk, and having the elvish travelers notes I have some headache pills on hand just in case. That is besides the point. When I arrived I was shocked to see small creatures both humanoid looking and not called “Grizzly Cubs”. It seems, from what I could gather that they were incarcerated for the murder of the Medicine Bear. They proclaimed their innocence while one lone man, a trapper of some sort, argued that he witnessed some shenanigans and that they were guilty. Luckily for the Grizzly cubs they were found innocent and were set free.

Grizzly Cubs Freed 2

After a little while back at home taking care of some blog business (that’s code for yesterday’s post) I put on a fancy frock and headed to the masked ball. Now I will admit I completely forgot the mask part. Okay and I got lost getting there too. Can you say intimidating? It was almost like a who’s who of Faireland bigwigs and creators. I was a shy little reporter and hung back in a corner dancing, but that didn’t stop me from taking a few snaps.

Masked Ball 2

After the ball I dashed home once again to change before heading to what I assumed would be a historical play about the Amazons. Before the show we were offered wine and snacks. Maybe that should have been my first warning. Following the snacks and libations there were trays and trays of rotting tomatoes. I seriously should have been worried now. Before the curtain even had a chance to rise on the actors there were tomatoes being volleyed about. I dodged as many as I could. Things only devolved from there once the curtain went up. The audience was pelting the actors with tomatoes and soon the actors were retaliating! By the time the play...ended? It looked like a marina factory exploded because out of who knows where the actors found other rotten veggies to throw back at the audience. Needless to say after this I need to go home once more for a change of clothes and this time a shower too!

The Show

Once showered and changed I dashed off to Drifts of Anamnesis to join the group for the Litfest tour of Autumnium. The tour started with the beautiful poem “To Autumn” by John Keats. As we toured around everyone was sharing thoughts and ideas about what these little bits here and they meant. We saw summer oasis in the middle of autumn, and statues with lanterns that cast out magical blue firelight. After we returned to the starting point we had a quick dance party before hoping back to the Drifts.

Litfest tour

The final part of my day was spent listening to the mythos of the faireland and junction. As Elizabeth was discussing the fate of the faire this year I got a little teary eyed. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if the faire was cancelled this year. While the world outside the doors in the real world is scary, the fairelands provide a fun and safe place for people to meet, learn new things, and see amazing sights all while raising money for Relay For Life. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak many RFL events have been cancelled so do your part to help raise money here, where you can donate to the kiosks or even buy items for a donation. 

Mythos of Junction and the fairelands

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