The other day I told you about an elf with a magical orb that allowed her to travel between different realms. Well now you you can travel these realms she visited. I have in my possession photos of some of the different realms she visited for she would not reveal them all to me. She briefly described each to me and I shall now relay them to you.

One of the realms she visited was called Zodiac. While here she watched the ships head out to sea in a beautiful setting. The sounds of waterfalls, the scent of flowers on the air all resting atop cliffs was a full sensory experience for her.

Zodiac 2

After using her orb to travel once more she landed in the realm of Auxentio's Pass. She was not ready for a realm such as this one. Why you may ask? Well this land was cold, not just because it was covered in snow and ice, but because there were frightful machines wandering around. Cold hard metal that terrified her so much she cowered in a corner until it passed her. I can't lie, she was happy to leave that place, but maybe you are a braver adventurer.

Auxentios Pass

Her next stop was the realm of Lunafae. This realm make her feel much happier than the previous one. She enjoyed spotting the wee fae that inhabited this land going about their day. Some were playing games others were exercising and still others were attending teas. She got lucky enough to be able to sit with one of the fae and have a lovely picnic. She was a little saddened when the orb whisked her away but she know more adventures awaited her.


Our poor elf friend found herself in a bit of water as the orb transported her once more. I mean literally she found herself underwater in the realm of Melisina's Depths. Luckily there was some sort of magic in place that allowed her to breath beneath the waves. Once her panic settled and she realized she wasn't at risk of drowning she took in her wondrous surroundings. Never before has she been underwater in such a way that she could explore all the plant life that thrived at the bottom of whatever form of water this realm may be made of. The colors of the plants were so vibrant she wished she could bottle it up and take it with her.


As the orb swept her off to another land she could hear this noise in the ether, it was almost like a mix between a chant and a sonorous growl. When she arrived in the Spirit Valley of Kuruk she quickly learned where the sound was coming from. This land was home to some might big bears with mighty deep voices. She wasn't sure if they were using these chant-like sounds to communicate with one another or if it was part of some ritual. What she did know is after a while it caused her head to hurt.


If you haven't guessed by now the realms talked about in the above tales are realms of the 2020 Fantasy Faire. The ones I have shown today are only a handful of the gorgeous, whimsical and imaginative landscapes of the fairelands. I didn't want to show you everything because you need to see these places for your own! There are also events and shopping to be hand so be on the lookout for some the creations you can call your own from the faire over the next couple of weeks. You don't want to miss this!


For the credits for my outfit check it out here.

All poses for this post are from Lyrium

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